The Noble Elk

Above all we want to bring you quality, healthy meat! Our meat is 100% raised and harvested in America.  When we say you are eating rocky mountain elk we mean it, no red stag venison imported from New Zealand. 


Our meats are processed as minimally as possible. We believe that nature knew best when it created these animals with natural nurturance and flavors.  No need to ruin a good thing. 


Everything we do starts from a place of respect. Respect for our animals, our land, our customers and ourselves.  We strive to always treat our animals in a humane way and with respect.  In the same way you can do better if you have the resources you need, we feel our animals can thrive if given what they need.  


We believe that everyone has a right to know where their food comes from.  From the time it is born to the time of its death, we have records of these animals.  We are personally involved with the product thought the harvest, processing and shipping. We will always answer any questions you have honestly.  

No Feedlots

No Hormones

No unnecessary Antibiotics 

Nature Got it right.

We believe nature got it right the first time. We simply let nature guide us.  We see no need in pushing grains or additional filler feeds on our animals.  We let them finish naturally and in their time. No feedlot involved.  The result is a much leaner, healthier, wholesome meat for consumers and a more stress-free life for our animals. 

Our Polypay sheep enjoying lush pastures.