Cooking Tips

We know you have invested in our meat and want the best experience possible! 

Don't Over Cook

Elk Meat cooks fast! Over cooking is one of the biggest mistakes people make while cooking elk meat.  Because it's so lean it take about half the time to cook than beef. We recommend checking your meat temp as you cook it.  The temperature for elk meat is the same as beef. If you are replacing a beef roast for an elk roast DO NOT cook for the same amount of time in your crockpot. Lesen the time and check your temperature. We have found its about half the cook time of beef in a crock pot.  Grilling - Be ready to grill when you put for meat on because it will be done quick. 

Internal Temp:

Rare:  115-120 Degrees F.

Medium rare: 120-125 Degrees F. 

Medium: 130-135 Degrees F.

Medum well: 140-145 Degrees F.

Well done: 150-155 Degrees F. 

Pan Frying Steaks 

Sear steaks for a short period of time on lower heat. Finish off with butter, Thyme and Burbon seasoning. 


 BACON! Anything bacon, meat or grease goes well with elk meat.  It's a great compliment to flavor and taste.  Also, rosemary or thyme or Bourbon Seasonings are great options. 


On the Way

We are working on cooking up some great recipes for you! We will be adding them here when they are done! Keep checking back!

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