Why The Noble Elk 

Inspiration comes in many forms.  For us its fueled by good quality food and nourishment. This is what we want to provide at The Noble Elk. We will provide the fuel, so you can find the power within you to change your world. 

The Elk 

Our elk and the elk we source from partnered farms are on pasture most their lives. They are able to naturally forage on green grass.  They do get grain in periods of their lives but are not "finished" on grain nor do they go to feedlots to "finish". These animals are able to eat as needed which gives the meat great sweet flavor which is anything but gamey. All American made. Our elk are grown and harvested right here in America, always. 

The Sheep 

Our sheep are pasture raised.  They are able to graze as needed.  We do provide them grain when growing but not a true "finish" amount. They do not go to a feedlot; we allow them to gain weight naturally and in their own time on pasture.  We do not use growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. American raised and processed. 

Health and quality are a priority 

Quality meat is a priority for us. We strive to find the best quality and least stressed altered meat.  As far as nutrition, we provide a low stress natural environment for the animals and the animals do the rest.  Elk and lamb meat is very lean and tender all on its own.  We do not need to add or alter anything to produce high quality meat. We let nature do its thing. 

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Called How Elk Meat Compares 

Great info on the background of the company and how elk meat compares health wise to beef or bison.  

Giving Back

Supporting a cause 

​Above Photo Credit: Creek Bed Photography 

Within the year/ beginning of next, we have promised ourselves that we will have these donations set up! 

We have a passion for hunting and wildlife conservation. We believe the opportunity to hunt should last generations. This is why we will donate back to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation a percentage of purchases from The Noble Elk. 

Although we are not veteran owned, we feel strongly that without our armed forces we would not have the freedoms we have today.  We are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement and first responders.  Every purchase you make, we give back.  We want to offer veterans other opportunities and experiences as well going forward.